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The Action Center, Inc

Empowering learners and their families! 

Does your child need help in school?

The Action Center, Inc. offers  a variety of academic assistance and tutoring services that can help your child excel in the classroom, along with consulting services that empower parents and teachers to work together to maximize a student's potential.

Due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus Social Distancing / Isolation / Quarantine,
We are offering Remote Digital Help!
Need Internet access to utilize remote help.

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We have several study rooms that offer spacious seating options. They are perfect for one on one or accommodating group projects, workshops, and arts and crafts with the wide variety of resources on hand. 

The Action Center Inc. Features

  • Professional tutors with flexible schedules
  • Wireless internet access/computer
  • 6 study rooms equipped w/security cameras
  • Parent/Teacher seminars
  • Test Preparation

Check out the Services page to see how we can help your child.

Office Hours are 8:00 - 6:00
by appointment only. 

Handicap parking available.

The Action Center, Inc - Tutoring Services for Children

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Counseling Services for Students and or Parents 
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202 North Main Street
Prosperity, SC 29127  
(803) 500-8080